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A Great Start to Saint Rose: Part 2

How are we doing today Saint Rose? I personally am feeling amazing, because I get to share with you Part 2 of my journey so far here at Saint Rose!

So we left off at Reach Out Saint Rose, which was literally the second week into this semester. Considering it is now past the mid-point a lot more has gone on and I have been super busy with everything. My day to day life is something I never would have imagined almost a year ago when I was applying and searching for colleges. I have become a part of the Student Association, Student Events Board, Identity, Intercultural Council, and many more committees that I will talk about! Everything has fallen into place and life is going great so far. Now lets backtrack to where we left off last week….

The next major thing I did was volunteering in the community. I am a part of the American City program, which students in selected majors examine New York, Albany, and other cities through the lenses of different programs like sociology and literature. The goal of the program is to use the team of professors to develop essential skills and uses a unique mix of community service and learning that are aimed to foster leadership abilities in each student. When I applied for this program I had no idea how much I would love it. The professors are an amazing group of people who truly care about you and want to help you grow inside and outside of the classroom.

My class was split into two different groups that volunteered at two sites each over the half semester course. My group was assigned to help AVillage with spreading the word about Mississippi Day and the Sister Maureen Joyce Center to help sort through clothes, help with food distribution and organization. These opportunities were something that I probably wouldn’t have experienced if I didn’t get graded for going but it ended up being so much more. The people I got to meet were so passionate and caring for everything they do on a daily basis. It felt so good to give back to the community I now call my second home.

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The next part of my adventures was Lark Fest where a bunch of vendors and musicians came together and created a day packed full of fun and entertainment. The crowds were huge and the overwhelming smell of food really got your attention, not to mention you could hear the music from a good distance away. It was something that I suggest going to at least one time during your years at Saint Rose or in Albany. A group of my friends went and we were there for quite a few hours just jamming out to the great music and really taking everything all in. Also there was a cute little girl selling lemonade at the entrance of the festival!

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FEAR Fest was also an amazing opportunity to experience some music, and the bands that performed that night were all students from Saint Rose. We also had the band ‘2096’ as the phenomenal headliner! This was one of the free events through Student Association and planned by the great SA Director of Social Activities and my Resident Assistant in Brubacher 2 West, Alex Wheeler with help from his committee. The night had good food, music, and a calm atmosphere where everyone was having fun. Also on October 30th, at midnight we did the annual TP the Tree Event that was an amazing experience and an event I absolutely loved!

Below are some pictures taken throughout the night as well as one of my favorite people to see Mathew Vincent, the wonderful Area Coordinator of Bru!

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Look out for my next blog, for now Vito out!

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