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Actually, I Can

With only three weeks left until summer vacation it may be difficult to remain motivated, but there are many ways in which you can.

If you are excited for summer to begin then let that push you through the end of the semester. You cannot look forward to summer and all of its warm weather perks without finishing up finals. Focus on your studies and you will not have time to worry about how many days there are until break. I know that being a student is difficult and we constantly look forward to our vacations, but our studies are just as important. The more effort you put forth now will result in less work later.


If you have a goal you’re so excited to pursue then do not stop; continue your ambition through the semester and through summer. After all, we are all in school to pursue a dream. Most people are in school because they would like a career out of their degree. The career you choose should be something that you will look forward to doing every day. Let yourself be great and do something that will make you happy. School can be stressful, but ultimately it is the one thing that will help you get to the goal you would like to achieve.

Stay Positive

-Courtney Pray

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