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Falling for Fall CLASSIC, Classically!

So if you know anything about me, I am a person who loves to travel and I also love to take on leadership roles. Well, this past weekend was quite the combination pack for me as I got to do both of the things I love to do. FALL CLASSIC! happened over this past weekend, and I along with a couple of other students had the opportunity to travel to Silver Bay (woot, woot!), all the way over at Lake George. The two day trip has changed me for a lot of reasons, both personally and professionally, and I highly recommend everyone to go forth and sign p for this event next year.


Nina, CJ, Erica and I really wanted to take a classic family portrait.

The trip was from Friday all the way over to Sunday. I decided to catch up on Scandal and How to get away with murder with my friend CJ at the Dining Hall during Lunch right before we left. The trip up to Silver Bay was incredible. We watched Pitch Perfect on our way there (This was my first time watching it and I gotta say, Fat Amy knows how to ‘swing’ a move). We got to the YMCA and walked up to our Lodge, BayView which was quite a hike. No ankles were harmed though. We got settled in and got dinner right after. The food at the dining hall made my tastebuds feel a way they haven’t felt in a long time. Right after, we walked over to Morse Hall, where we had a fun activity hosted by JJ who started off the weekend exactly how everybody wanted it to have. JJ’s googlie googlie strategy was the highlight of my night (if you went, you know what I’m talking about)!


Silver Bay was BEAUTIFUL!

The following day was an early start. We woke up and got to breakfast at 7:30 AM and went on to our workshops right after. My first workshop was something that I really needed over this weekend. And surprise surprise, it was with JJ again. We played with a parachute and got to bond with our workshop colleagues for a good hour which taught me how crucial coordination is between two people. Right after, I teamed up with two friends of mine, Erica and Nina, and we decided to take on Fall Classic. We went onto our next workshop, The impact of First Impression, which really helped me identify what I was doing right or wrong when I interviewed for jobs or volunteer positions. A cologne wearer, I learnt how someone could be allergic to it at an interview and I how I was being inconsiderate when I wore it for interviews. Right after, I went to a De-Stress workshop with Jesse Rawson and Melanie Bowman. It was a great presentation that I could really relate to because we talked about how we could have a stress free presentation each time we presented. Being a Model UN speaker myself, I could relate to a lot of strategies that were thrown out and it felt great knowing I wasn’t the only individual with pre-presentation jitters. Lastly, I went to Alexander Wheeler and Brittany O’Hea’s presentation on time management. This workshop was very engaging, specific and well constructed. We were asked to do a bunch of things and many of those included running around the YMCA campus. Again, no ankles were harmed during this workshop. Right after these presentations, activities were lined up for us where I personally did not hold back.


Yours truly trying so hard to look decent for one picture!

For the adventurous part of the day, we went hiking up a 1 mile trail. I had never hiked before, let alone in jeans. However, there is a first time for everything and I had a blast hiking in slim-fit jeans. We came back and there was an array of things that were lined up for us to do. We could go kayaking, motor boating, canoeing, or go a shoot some arrows for archery. The day physically exhausted me so the day was perfectly structured because we had an AMAZING lip syncing show at the end followed by the Haunted House. The SA board and Latisha Barnett, Director of Student affairs, rocked the show with a great performance of Whip/Nae-Nae which was the icing on the cake for me. The ‘SQUAD’, CJ Joseph, James Reily, Sasha and Shayla performed and moved the room with their powerful performances. The Haunted House was my absolute favorite. We walked over to the house in a group of six, Nina, CJ, Erica, James and Aleccia along with myself walked over to the ‘house of death’ where Professor John Dion (cue Russian music) awaited us at the front of the walkway and guided us through. He freaked the absolute life out of me. Inside, Sister Sean waited for us and guided us through this house that included dead bodies, crying girls, a clown (“A Nasty Boy”) and various mourners. The night ended with an intense story telling session at the bonfire which was entirely the reason why I went to bed at 3 AM.


Alex, Yara, Kenny, Patrick, Diego, Stephanie and I at archery, trying to shoot some arrows

The next morning, I presented along side Colleen Thapalia, the Director of the Center for International Programs, on how to Identify if you are a peach or a coconut. The session ended with a heart warming speech given out by our very own Matthew Vincent, Area Coordinator of Brubacher Hall. Matt explained why being a leader was important and how we were all leaders in our own right. The session had ended and we took a HUGE group picture outside the Inn over at the main building before we left for lunch. We got on a bus right after. The drive over to Saint Rose was bitter-sweet. Being able to get pizza delivered was exciting however I missed everything about Silver bay and the wonderful two days I had spent over at Silver Bay.


Brittany, Matt, CJ and I at the lip syncing event

Every so often, we think we should rather stay in and watch Netflix over a weekend. But, it is that need, that drive to not do so, take a change, explore, try something new and make a difference. Fall Classic brought me closer to so many people, gave me a change to meet new people and learn things about myself that I probably didn’t think were in me, and in all, helped me develop myself emotionally, mentally and physically (walking there was a workout it itself).I encourage each one of you to become a presenter, a participant and a part of Fall Classic. A huge shoutout to everyone involved, the SA e-board, the entire planning committee, Professor Dion for that AWESOME Russian, Matthew Vincent for that incredible speech and everybody else who was involved and took the time out to make this a remarkable experience for us.


Our hiking crew led by Mike!

And so kids, this was how I fell for Fall Classic, classically.

Until next time,

Rohit out.

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