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Look at a Map and Pick- Life After UnderGrad

Traveling has always been something that I love to do as I like the idea of being able to go to a different place and be surrounded by new ideas, people, and cultures. It is because of this that when my parents moved to Texas I took it as an opportunity to pick a new city to move to after I graduate next May.

Right now the front runners are Chicago and Washington DC although I am open to moving just about anywhere that I have a decent shot at getting a job. When picking these locations I of course thought about crime, unemployment, and housing rates but those came as an after thought to a more old school approach. This is the close your eyes and pick a place on a map approach and I am serious about that- I have a thing for leaving whatever I am doing up to chance if I can not make up my mind. It makes sense if you think about it as I judged my reaction to the idea of living in a random US city (although I still love London, it is a little less practical) to see if it should be added to my possibilities list. My strong reactions to cities in Kansas and Tennessee immediately landed themselves on the “no way” list but then when I thought of the idea of living in Chicago my excitement spoke for itself.

On a trip to Chicago when I was 16- Loved it then and love it now.

On a trip to Chicago when I was 16- Loved it then and love it now.

When my finger landed on the windy city I thought of all the positive memories I have associated with it from a trip in high school and about how cool it would be to be able to walk Navy Pier whenever I wanted. When I thought of DC I thought about all the opportunities to get involved in politics and how I could spend my free time at the zoo (I will never outgrow my love for pandas). The only problem that I am running into with picking a city in this way is that the different cities offer completely different versions of the person I want to become. For example, In Chicago I would dive head first into the PR field while in DC I would long to be the journalist assigned to cover foreign affairs.

With graduation quickly approaching for the class of 2015 (although to an outsider it may not seem like it) things are getting serious. With so many places to live with different possibilities all I can help but to do is close my eyes and point then imagine the many lives that I could lead.

What do you think?

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