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Radically Adventurous- Meet Resident Assistant Courtney Carr

Name and Location: Courtney Carr- Alumni 1&2

Hometown: Southwick, MA & Houston, TX

Hanging out with her friends Ana and Julianna.... Julianna is also her ResLife boss.

Hanging out with my friends Ana and Julianna…. Julianna is also my ResLife boss.

Class year: Senior

Major: Communications Double Major

Reason for becoming an RA: I wanted to be more involved in the Saint Rose community than I was when I was a freshman. I like to feel needed and I can say that after being a first-year RA for two years, students will make you feel good about all you do…. some of the time.

Favorite thing about the job: I love getting to know so many people around campus and am thankful for all my friends that are on staff. Yes, sometimes our group does look like a cult but you hang out with people you like and I like my RA friends.

Most memorable RA moment: My girls from Lima 4 last year gave me some great memories. The thing that meant the most to me was when a group of them surprised me with a puppy Build-A-Bear since I wouldn’t let them get us a real “floor puppy.” I don’t know if they will ever realize that I needed them possibly more than they needed me last year.

What people should know about RAs: RAs are people too! It drives me a little bit crazy that other students sometimes forget that we are full time students just like them. I also think it is important to note that not all RAs are the same. If you have had a bad experience with an RA in the past, I’m sorry, but we are all not the same.

Favorite class at Saint Rose: Sailing! Taking sailing was so much fun! We were able to go to Lake George and just experience something that I normally would not going to school in Albany. It was a breath of fresh air both literally and figuratively.

Favorite Albany hangout: I love the vinyl store down on Quail– World War II Greatest Hits is my jam. I just like being able to walk around and look at all the old/used records and imagine who used to listen to them.

Eric is one of her best friends and was a resident in her building the first year she was on staff.

Eric is one of my best friends and was a resident in my building the first year I was on staff.

Favorite late night snack: I am a sucker for nachos. My roommate and I make them all the time because nothing cures a bad day like a good tortilla chip and cheese.

Goals after graduation:I would be lying if I said anything other than I have no idea. Right now I am just trying to pick a city to move to and attempt to leave the world a little better than I found it.

Random fun fact: I play Jeopardy like a competitive sport.


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