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November constitutes a plethora of memorable events across the United States. November is National Career Development Month, which for The College of Saint Rose Career Center means plenty of activities (written about in ‘Career Development Month’). However, November also includes, the cold weather, the famous ‘No Shave November’ and of course, Thanksgiving. As the end of November quickly passed (I know – I can’t believe it either) I feel it’s only right to reflect on this semester as well as what the future holds.

The Career Center is currently finishing up our 1st Photo Challenge (congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, Chelsea Foster!), which has allowed our office to further market our resources. ‘Coffee & Q’s’ also began this semester, where students came and enjoyed a hot beverage while asking Career Center employees questions about our office. In the hopes of these events growing, both are to be continued into the spring semester.

The Spring Semester will involve numerous other events held by the Career Center including, our Etiquette Dinner on Thursday, March 26th and EdExpo on Thursday, April 16th. Both events include positive networking opportunities.



Having acknowledged the Career Center events, both past, present, and future, I feel it is best to acknowledge the ever-so-cliché ‘thankful-for-list’. I believe that as a student in general, we are all thankful for our education and to the resources provided to us for a better future. Along with being thankful for my education, I am very grateful for my support system in the process of adventuring to further my education. All in all it is important to give thanks for the things in life that mean the most to you. These things may be parents, significant others, pets, careers, or simply life itself. Regardless of what it is, there is always something to give thanks for. Enjoy this time off and appreciate everything you have. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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