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Graduation: What I Wish I Understood

This time last year I was an apprehensive senior well on her way to graduating. I was scared of leaving behind the life that I had spent the past four years creating, I was worried that when I moved away my friends would forget about me, and I was absolutely terrified that walking across the graduation stage would mean that…

Life As A “Commuter” Student: Summer Classes

Hey readers!  You all know that the “typical” college experience consists of eight semesters: 4 in the fall, 4 in the spring.  Not everyone is so lucky to stick to this layout.  Some students need to take courses over the summer in order to graduate on time.  Why do I bring this up?  Well, it has recently come to my…

Graduation, It’s a Thing

Until just recently if you were to ask me about graduation I would have either started crying or pretended like I did not hear the question. I would have much rather talked about Gwen Stefani, my love for Chris Evans, or my thoughts about thermal engineering. With this in mind I am happy to say that my thoughts about graduation…