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Graduation, It’s a Thing

Until just recently if you were to ask me about graduation I would have either started crying or pretended like I did not hear the question. I would have much rather talked about Gwen Stefani, my love for Chris Evans, or my thoughts about thermal engineering. With this in mind I am happy to say that my thoughts about graduation have come full circle and I am now accepting my fate.

I used to find the fact that graduation had a scheduled date as absolutely horrifying because everything was compared to May 9. Things were placed on timelines, people made jokes about the party ending, and everyone wanted to know my game plan for life after graduation. Truth be told I have no idea what my game plan is, where I am going to live, or even what profession I want to try and tackle. However, I have embraced May 9 and the fact that there is a scheduled date makes it seem okay. This is because no matter what happens from now until then, or whatever happens after I walk across the stage, the one thing that I can count on is that May 9 will come and it will be the day that I graduate.

Myles and I enjoying some typical college food before our time is up!

Myles and I enjoying some typical college food before our time is up!

Unlike early in the first semester I am no longer trying to cling to Saint Rose or freeze moments in time. No, with the graduation date set in stone I have finally accepted that things end. Much like with all life lessons, I did not just wake up one morning and think these thoughts. Instead I had to learn first hand that life will move on with or without you, I guess it took my parents moving across the country to grasp that concept. This is also evident when reflecting on just one semester to another never mind year to year. In the course of just a few months I have found that I hang out with different people, left one job to start another, and am now mentoring students to take over my leadership roles that will soon be left vacant.

The take away from this blog post? Life moves on with or without you, relationships change, and one day you will realize you’re 22 and life is not a Taylor Swift song…. In other words, PEACE OUT. #46Days #Byeeeeeeeee


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