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To Social Media or Not to Social Media, That is the Question.


Networking opportunities


-Social media can be used to connect with other businesses, employers, etc. This allows for open communication on ideals or job resources. LinkedIn is the perfect example for networking opportunities. St. Rose Career Center LinkedIn


Source of employment


-Not every social networking site is recommended for job searching; however LinkedIn is one example of a reliable source for employment opportunities. LinkedIn connects people of similar skills and careers where people can learn from each other and network to better their occupations. Click here for Events & Recruiting


Keeping in contact


-The most popular reason for social media is, of course, to keep in contact. When you are off at college or long distance from friends and family, social media allows for updates with one-click. Okay maybe two clicks, but you get the point. Networks such as Facebook and Instagram seem to be most popular when it comes to keeping up with the latest information.




-How many envelopes do you really want to lick shut for your 21st birthday? Facebook Events and Groups allow for mass invitations to friends allowing RSVP for your convenience. The internet is a much quicker way to get responses and this makes planning less stressful.




-How do you get coupons and deals for stores or restaurants? “Click Like!” Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been great for marketing businesses and their special offers. Just recently I found an ‘Early Bird’ $26 ticket for Color Me Rad Albany thanks to Facebook. Not only do the social media sites market business and specials, but they are great places to market you. Have something you are interested in? Blog about it. Show employers that you have a following on your blog or your group chat room and you will have already marketed yourself.





-It is on the internet so it must be true? Right? …Wrong! It is important to check and double check the backgrounds of companies and websites. Not every website is truthful and internet scamming is bigger than ever. Be careful, be smart. You did not win the all-inclusive cruise to Jamaica…although it would be nice to think so.


Less face to face communication


-With all of the ways to keep in contact, people are more willing to communicate online versus face-to-face. You can be on a job interview, through Skype, and not even be required to wear pants. But please, do wear pants! Face-to-face communication is so important in improving characteristics and skills, however social media has taken away from that.




-If you are not going to say it to someone’s face, then why are you going to say it behind the keys of a computer? Cyber-bullying is at an all-time high and realistically there is not much to do about it. That group chat you started about the girl in gym class is not deleted. The information you put out on the web and through websites is never erased. There are so many ways in going back and finding exactly what you said or posted. Cyber-bullying is inappropriate; people should be building each other up, not breaking each other down. ‘Throw kindness around like confetti.’


Posting of inappropriate Statues/ Photos etc.


-Being addicted to the gym is great (I am addicted myself), however the half-naked photos of you are not marketing skills that companies want to see. You look great in your swimsuit, but unless you plan on being a swimsuit model, you will not get the position you are looking for if your future employer sees that.


Crime occurrences


-Have you ever seen Catfish? Well, it is real. People are stealing other people’s identities every day. It is important to be careful on the internet. The photos you are posting are not necessarily yours; people will steal them and use them. Hackers have been stealing information from the internet for years. You thought you were just buying new Nike Roshes from Dick’s, when someone takes that same information to buy a new Rolex. Be careful and smart when putting your personal information anywhere on the internet.


-Courtney Pray

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