Check Out Earth Week at St.Rose

The environment has always been something that interests me and especially the conservation of all that it has to offer (pandas). When I was a junior in high school I was even lucky enough to go to the World Affairs Seminar in Wisconsin and learn about water preservation. When I came to Saint Rose I quickly joined its environmental club and became involved with its efforts on campus.

Next week is Earth day and instead of just one day the club hosts a full earth week!!
The week events are as follows:
Wednesday April 18th– Tapped- A water documentary. The first 100 people to attend get a FREE Camelbak water bottle, starts showing at 3 in Lally Touhey Forum
Thursday April 19th– Sights and Sounds of GREEN– Recycled Art and Music on display from 11-4 in the Main Lounge. (FREE TOTE BAGS)
If you want to make something you still can!! Just drop a comment below!!
Friday April 20th– Quad Celebration from 11-4 with $2 T-Shirts, $.50 Bike Raffle Tickets, and activities!!

I am really excited for next week’s events and urge current students to check it out. Even if you are not as environmentally conscious as I am, you can still get a bunch of free stuff. (And yes- that was a bribe and a slight guilt trip.)

Come check these out!!

What do you think?