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Frankie Houser, veteran

10 Ways Saint Rose is Friendly to Veterans

At Saint Rose, we’re honored to support the outstanding servicemen and women who are serving or who have served in the military. And because of that, we’ve put into place a number of programs ...
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Daria Lee '19 with children.

Saint Rose Service Trip to Guatemala Serves Many Purposes

As the 2018 spring semester came to a close and students were busy making summer plans to visit beach towns and cookouts, one group of students at The College of Saint Rose was busy preparing ...
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6 Totally Free Things To Do Off Campus in Albany

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that college students are broke. Broke broke broke. One of the many awesome things about the Capital Region, though, is there are lots of free things to do to keep ...
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bike share bikes parked in Albany

From Buses to Uber: A Guide to Getting Around Albany

Albany can be super walkable — especially around Saint Rose. There are coffeeshops, restaurants, and parks you can easily get to on foot. But what about when you want to go a little farther? ...
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/ All About Saint Rose

Here’s How To Figure Out Which College Visit Is Right For You Many colleges offer all kinds of options for visiting. There are campus tours, virtual tours, conference calls, information sessions, and more opportunities for getting to know a college better. So what’s the difference? What ...
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