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Goals for the Year (Strose Goals)

As the upcoming semester rears its head once again, I cannot help but think of my sophomore campaign and how “successful” it was. You might have noticed the quotations, well as Hannah Montana, aka Miley Cyrus, would say, “Nobody’s perfect” and neither am I. I made a lot of mistakes and perhaps I’ve actually learned from them. I took some chances; some paid off and others did not. Am I sad about the ones that didn’t? Yeah absolutely. Am I grateful that I had the amazing opportunities that I did? 150% yes. I’ve really learned a lot.

That being said, I was once told to write down all my goals and ambitions. Just to see that I have a few laid out, brings me one step closer to achieving them. These are my Strose Goals…

Looking towards the future (But Rose Rock was fun)

Looking towards the future
(But Rose Rock was fun)

    1. Keep my grades up. I won’t lie, I hit a really low point my first semester sophomore year. I almost lost a job I love. I let my grades slip. I even failed a class. I truly lost my drive and motivation. HOWEVER, I did go from my worst semester to my best semester. It was so fulfilling when I saw my hard work had finally begun to pay off. I’m not done yet though. There is still major room for improvement. Can’t stop, won’t stop.
    2. Work hard, play hard. This one actually coincides with my first goal. Yes, I’m 100% going to give this semester my all, but I still need to do a lot of the things I enjoy. I get stressed, a lot, like many other people. I need stress relievers and I need fun as well. These are supposed to be the best four years of our lives and I really plan on a great year.
    3. Act like I deserve to be here. Over the past year, I spent a lot of time wallowing in my own self-pity and looking back now I can acknowledge that. It’s about time I stop making excuses and actually do whatever I set my mind to, whether that means something like actually going to the gym or studying a few hours every night or eating right or whatever. I know I can be better, I know I deserve to be here and I’m going to prove it.
    4. Keep the past where it belongs. I didn’t get chosen for an SEB chair. I didn’t get chosen as an orientation leader. I didn’t win Mr. Saint Rose. It’s time for me to move on. I was allowed to be upset then, but this is a new year. I hate to be cliche but this is a new year, this is a fresh start and more importantly, this is MY year.
    5. Blog, blog, blog. I really, really, really want to become a more prevalent and improved blogger. I feel like I’m not awful at this so I definitely want to keep this going. I want to create a set schedule and actually follow through with it like I did my freshmen year (for the most part). I’m absolutely immersed in this blog life. I didn’t choose this life. It chose me. And so did my boss, thanks Kayla!
    6. Make memories and enjoy the little things. I often glance over the little things and look at the big picture. Sometimes that could be a good thing, but I really want to cherish the “smaller things in life.” I want to remember that diving catch in practice. I want to remember that great exam score I got in class. I want to remember that time I spent hours binge-watching that show on Netflix with my girlfriend. I want to make memories and enjoy them all. (Mid-college life crisis, sorry)
    7. Stay involved. A lot of people are telling things like, “Oh you’re off campus now? Are you still gonna stay involved?” or, “You’re not dorming so you’re not gonna be around as much.” I would LOVE to squash all those and be even more involved now than I was last year. I still want to host events. I still want to be a part of a Student Events Board committee. I still want to be on campus other than when I’m in class. College is what you make of it and I’m making it as fun as ever.
    8. Just remember to breathe. Look familiar? This is something I said in my “Tips For Advisement Day” blog. We all just need to remember that everything will be okay. I need to keep my head on straight, stay focused and remember that I can do this. I’m still here for a reason. Everything is okay.


Thank you all for sticking with me thus far. This blog was more of a rant and not my usual blog tone, but I really hope that this offered a bit of hope for everyone. I came back from my lowest point that I did not even realize I could hit and socked it back by following with one of the highest points to date. This is going to be a phenomenal year and I really couldn’t be more stoked about it.

I challenge all of you to post a little “Strose Goals” list. You don’t have to share it with anyone. You could keep it to yourself, share it with your roommate (if you want), tweet it (if you want), or even do what I did. Just make a list and follow through with it. Join me!

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