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Homeward Bound

Hello again, lovely people on the internet! Today I want to talk about home. With Columbus Day on Monday, lots of my friends are homeward bound for the weekend. I actually just arrived back here on campus yesterday morning, so now I’m a total pro at travelling home. Here are some fab tips to improve your journey home experience:

1.) Make a happy playlist to listen to when you’re getting all excited about going home and you’re FINALLY in the train/ bus/car and you can’t wait to see your family (and your dog and your bed and shower in a real shower and eat a real home cooked meal and all that good stuff).

1.5) AND a slower playlist for when you inevitably crash and fall asleep for several hours while in transit to your location. Mine is basically all Ed Sheeran.

2.) Bring your pillow.

3.) Take lots of pictures:

The train ride home! Super scenic.

The train ride home! Super scenic.

Me and my BFF Julia grabbing some coffee at our favorite local cafe.

Me and my BFF Julia grabbing some coffee at our favorite local cafe.














4.) Sit down and have a real, actual conversation with your mom, or your dad. And your siblings (if you have them). They’re super important people and they probably miss you a lot 🙂 ((If they miss you in the meantime they can be a part of the Parent and family Facebook page or the Parent&Family page on our website to stay updated!))

5.) Don’t go in with too many specific plans; just enjoy your time at home and take it one day at a time.



My visit home was super great! I had coffee (hot chocolate) with one of my close friends, and my mom made homemade hummus and got fresh pita bread from the local Lebanese bakery. I was a very happy girl.

But what I wasn’t expecting was to feel the same sense of relief wash over me when I walked into my dorm and saw my roomie. I felt that same warmth of home in my room in Lima here at Saint Rose as I did in my driveway in Buffalo.

To quote a British boy band that actually isn’t One Direction, “Home is where the heart is, it’s where we started, where we belong.” I’m curious if anyone knows this band, comment below if you do!

I hope these ideas make for a great weekend at home for everyone, and enjoy being with your families! They love you and miss you so much. Probably.

Signing off until next time,

Amelia Bedelia

PS- 7.) Don’t make fun of your mom for crying. It’s a mom thing.


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