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Location Wanted

Close my eyes, throw a dart, and a spin a globe. These are the methods that I am using to try to figure out just where in the world I want to move after graduation. As May grows closer I am realizing that freedom is actually really kind of crushing because after I cross that stage I can go anywhere.

Lets start with the basics.

Four years and still the same Courtney.

Four years and still the same Courtney.

Most college kids toy with the idea of returning to their hometowns and moving back in with their parents if only to save a little money. I could go back to my hometown but that was never something that seemed ideal to me. Especially now that my parents moved I can say that I have nothing left for me in that sleepy little town. If I were to go back I feel like I would miss my chance at something bigger and that is definitely something that I do not want to do. With going back to my hometown off the list I can also think about moving back in with my parent’s but that would mean moving  to Texas. If college has taught me anything it is that I cherish my freedom more than anything. With that being said I do not think that I could handle living under the same roof as my parents again. Sorry, Mom, I love you but I can not handle those sticky notes of chores that you used to leave in the kitchen.

This brings me to my most extreme option- going somewhere brand new. I love the idea of going somewhere where no one knows my name, what I’ve done thus far in life, and silly quirks. The best part of college, in my opinion, was being able to recreate myself and be who I actually wanted to be. The options are endless and my favorites have always been either Chicago or D.C., both of which offer some great adventures. Again though this seems like a good idea at first but after thinking about it, it probably would not work out. This is because I get anxiety about going to the dining hall alone never mind living in a brand new environment without any friendly faces.

I hoped putting my options into writing would help me figure out my game plan but really they just put into writing that I still have no idea what I am going to do in seven short months. Whether we are ready for it or not graduation is coming and with it an eviction notice from campus housing (not really, that is just me being dramatic). The only solace that I think that can be found in this fact is that although it may not seem like it now, eventually I will come up with a game plan and maybe, just maybe everything will fall into place. I mean, I was unsure about college and look how that turned out.


What do you think?

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