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Life as a “Commuter” Student: Winter Tips

It’s no secret that it’s gotten really cold up here in Smallbany.  Lately we’ve just had storm after storm!!!  Winter, in my opinion, is the WORST season in the northeast.  The roads and sidewalks get slick and snowy, you have to dress in layers and, for those who live off campus, the heat bill skyrockets!  Here’s a few things to keep in mind if you’re commuting this winter:

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1) Drive cautiously!  There will be times when the weather isn’t bad, but that doesn’t mean the roads are good.  Stay under the speed limit, keep your eyes on the road, and all that other stuff Mom told you when she was teaching you to drive.  She said it for a reason!

2) Crash at a friend’s place if the weather gets too bad for you to drive home.  Weather can be dangerous, and when it is you shouldn’t be out on the road.  Safety is always a priority.

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3) Keep an emergency kit in your car.  Things don’t always go according to plan, but you can plan ahead and try to prepare yourself for the unexpected!  You should keep a change of clothes or two, a warm blanket, first aid supplies, and jumper cables to name just a few things.  Anything that can help you if you’re having car trouble on the road should go into this, so if you’re putting together a list of things you need and can’t think of anything else, run it by your parents.  They’ve been around a little while longer and could have some very useful ideas.

4) Wear wool socks and warm boots!  It’s just a good idea for keeping warm and not slipping on the snowy/icy sidewalks.

5) DON’T RISK IT!!!  If the snow is coming down, and I mean really coming down, don’t drive in it.  Email your professor and tell them you can’t make the drive in the weather.  They’ll understand, your safety is more important.

That’s about all I’ve got for you.  I hope this advice can help you get through what’s left of this brutally frigid season!

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